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So you won't find your spicy yellow tail roll here. We have rotating specials nightly that are not listed on the menu to the right. We take great pride in our unique, authentic Japanese offerings that is far different than your stereotypical sushi joint. Come by and visit us today!


Every Day Menu

*prices and availability are subject to change 

One Order is One Stick


breast tender                       2.50
thigh                                      1.95

wing                                       2.50

meatball                                2.50

tsukimi (meatball w/ yolk)  2.95

skin                                        1.75

thigh w/ green onion           1.95

filet                                      5.25

rib eye                                4.75


eggplant                              1.95

okra                                      1.95

shitake mushroom            2.50

squash                                1.75

tomato                                 1.50

Special Dishes

Chicken Ni - simmered chicken wings with sweet soy sauce flavor     5.50


Chicken Wrap - grilled tender, thigh & veggie wrapped with soy paper     6.75

Gyoza - pan fried pork dumplings     5.50

Curry - small chicken curry served over rice     5.50

Beef Tataki - thin slice of seared beef served with ponzu sauce     8.25


Edamame - boiled soy beans, lightly salted     2.75

Cold Tofu - plain cut tofu     2.75

Pumpkin - boiled pumpkin mixed with egg, raisin and sunflower seeds in mayo     3.95

Pari Pari - mizuna (CA peppergrass) tomato, avocado w/ fried wonton & signature dressing     6.75

Seaweed - mix of lightly dressed seaweed     4.50


Contact Info:


2098 E. Main St. Ventura, CA

Phone:  (805) 643-3199
Email: gotetsu805@gmail.com


Business Hours


Lunch: M-F 12:45 PM - 2:00 PM

Dinner: Mon. - Sat.

5:30 PM - 11:00 PM

(Last call in @ 10:30)
Closed Sundays
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